Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skycamefalling will not be playing LI Fest

A statement from skycamefalling:

Regretfully skycamefalling will NOT be playing at the Long Island Hardcore fest in June. Our guitarist suffered a serious hand injury earlier this week which unfortunately has put our reunion show on hold for the time being. We sincerely apologize to everyone who planned on attending the fest and had hoped to see us especially those traveling long distances. This situation was something we did not plan for and I know all of us were looking forward to being on stage once again. I assure you that we plan on scheduling another reunion show or shows in the coming months on Long Island. On behalf of the band I want to thank everyone who has contacted us and for listening to the music we created so many years ago. I would also like to thank Jake Zimmerman for the opportunity to play the festival and for putting together such an incredible event.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update on tickets/days

So I just added a limited amount of individual tickets for FRIDAY (JUNE 11TH) and Saturday (JUNE 12TH). Once again, like I've said before, if you want to go on THURSDAY (JUNE 10TH), you must get a 3-day pass...and there are not many left of those so get one now while you still can here:

I am pleased to see that people are excited about these shows. There are people traveling from all over the country/world to be here. There should be no reason that anyone on Long Island would want to miss out on this.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day by day breakdowns are here!

Thursday, June 10th @ Broadway Bar:

Balance and Composure
Bridge and Tunnel
Bring Out Your Dead
Crooked Mouths
End Of A Year
Scraps and Heart Attacks
Shai Hulud

Friday, June 11th @ Ethical Humanist Society:

Bottom Out
Cruel Hand
Hostage Calm
Make Do and Mend
My Heart to Joy
Product of Waste
The Carrier
Tigers Jaw
Tomahawk Chop
War Hungry
With Honor

Saturday, June 12th @ Ethical Humanist Society:

Barnaby Jones
Dead End Path
Fire and Ice
Iron Chic
Maximum Penalty
Rock Bottom
Stand Your Ground
Suburban Scum
The Banner
This Is Hell
Trapped Under Ice
Truth n Rights