Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2nd announcement

As for Motive, there was some conflicts with the date that were not brought upon my attention until after I announced that they were playing. Sorry for all that were excited about that....but here are two more reunions that I am very proud to announce that are happening at LONG ISLAND FEST 2010:

Scraps and Heart Attacks

The 2nd batch of bands that will be playing over the course of the weekend are as follows:

The Carrier
Crooked Mouths
Dead End Path
End Of A Year
Scraps and Heart Attacks (Reunion)
Skycamefalling (Reunion)
This Is Hell
Tigers Jaw
Tomahawk Chop
Trapped Under Ice

More bands will be announced sporadically over the next few weeks.

3-day passes (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) will be $50
2-day passes (Friday, Satuday) will be $40

If you want to see all of the reunions, than buy a 3-day pass. Also, the 3-day passes are the most limited because the first day of the fest (June 10th at Broadway) is a much smaller venue than the Ethical Humanist Society so buy them quick if you are sure you want to see all of the bands/all of the reunions!

Pre-sale ticket link will be up and ready to go tomorrow evening so keep on checking back!

Thank you for the overwhelming support that everyone has given me, this weekend really will be a weekend to remember.

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